Your countryside storybook castle

1499 Saint-Charles North
Saint-Charles, NB Canada

Nearby Activities

Saint-Charles is a small settlement in Kent County, New Brunswick with a population of approximately 2,000 people.  The east-central region of the province known as Kent County features a unique blend of cultures including Mi'kmaq, Acadian and English speaking settlers.

Some of the nearby activities and tourist attractions of this coastal region for you to enjoy include:

Richibucto River Wine Estate is set beside the Richibucto River, providing visitors with beautiful sunsets and breathtaking views.

Everything is done on-property, from the growing and harvesting of the grapes by hand, to great success in the wine-making. The winery has had multiple wins in several wine competitions including the Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards as well as the national Canadian Wine Awards.

Tours of the vineyard are available from mid June to mid September and include education touring of the vineyard and wine-making area, and wine tastings!

Olivier Soapery, North America's first and largest micro-soapery, is a craft workshop, museum and boutique featuring entertaining shows and hands-on experiences that will introduce you to a variety of soap and skin care products. As you step inside the door of Olivier Soapery, the subtle, natural fragrances will surround you and you'll instantly know you're in a special space. Olivier Soapery offers four demonstrations per day, 7 days a week.

Kouchibouguac is a fascinating mosaic of bogs, salt marshes, tidal rivers, sparkling freshwater systems, sheltered lagoons, abandoned fields and tall forests which characterizes the Maritime Plain Natural Region.  You will enjoy warm salt water beaches, hiking trails, kayaking, canoeing, voyageur canoe adventures for an opportunity to view the Grey seal and Common tern colonies, experience Mi'kmaq culture, and enjoy star and planet gazing on clear nights as this National Park maintains dark skies as a joint effort project by Parks Canada and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Join the safari in search of one of North America's most common wild animals – the Black bear. There are few safe or easy places to meet these forest giants, but Little, Big Bear Safari takes you deep into their natural habitat. You'll meet the 'Bear Man,' an experienced guide who engages with the bears, helps you interpret the sounds and calls the bears use to communicate and warn of possible danger. It's a chance to see these intriguing creatures in the wild, all from the safe vantage point of an observation tower 8 m (26 ft.) above ground.